YOGA TEACHER Brent, North West London

serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realise
Core based yoga for strength and balance
Susie Blackie

Leaving a career as a graphic designer far behind, Susie decided to follow her 25 year love of yoga and make it her full time occupation, after all people say "Do something you really love, then it's not work!" Working for many years through varying forms of Hatha Yoga, she finally trained at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in the Austrian alps. Susie qualified as a Yoga Siromani; in Sanskrit this means jewel in the Crown of yoga. This title symbolises Bliss absolute and wisdom........with such an honour comes great responsibility.

She was given her spiritual name Shanti during her time at the ashram, by

the Swamis who taught her. The name means Highest Peace in Sanskrit. With her many years of experience and her deep training, she now teaches in various gyms, community centres, private homes and offices. She also loves to teach the older people of the community, who are so often overlooked but who gain so much from the practice of yoga during the aging process.

Susie has recently completed her second 200hr TTC with Lara Heimann of LYT Yoga, a core based practice for optimal movement patterns so that you achieve greater strength, balance, mobility and adaptability


The benefits of a yoga practice are numerous and too many to mention them all here, however yoga can regulate blood pressure, delay ageing, improve posture, reduce stress, calm and control the mind and increase breath why not practice?


“Yoga means union of the mind, body and spirit with the Divine and while this refers to a certain state of conciousness both individual and Universal, it is also a method to help one reach that goal”.

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Susie Blackie Drushti

Most of us are not aware that a big part of our thoughts have been imprinted by the outside world unto our mind – our opinions, our likes and dislikes, our desires in general. The problem is that we identify with this conditioning. This identification is a major obstacle to the development of intuition, and will never lead to happiness. It is the absolute stillness of the soul within that gives lasting peace and this is the goal. Yoga is all about stillness of the mind which leads us to who we really are, the Self, the Atman. Some religions call it God, or absolute Shanti (peace). These are words, but it is intuition, also called the “third eye”, that allows the seeker to experience it.


SWAMI DURGANANDA (from new book "The Light of Wisdom")